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-- Danica Patrick
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Thursday, April 5, 2007
Danica's eu blog for God's Daddy
One way used to create, build and maintain awareness of what is taking place. Main hand sign: One finger placed into the ear. To Mention Just A Few Hand Signs. That I have seen. Done while people were driving, as passengers, in buses, at bus stops, taxis, trailer, trucks to vans of all sizes, bikes and pedestrians. Including foreigners. 1. Really smelly signs. 2. Smash �its� faces. 3. Pugilistic hand signs. 4. 'it' blocks things. 5. Snake sign. 6. Sexy poses done by female and males. 7. Wife/girlfriend unbuttoning husband/boyfriend shirt while driving. 8. From the Intelligence Community saluting. As they will to the State Flag in real instance. Showing qualities. 9. Good-looking Chinese girls and ladies deliberately pulling both sides of their bra to almost near end of shoulder. 10. One good-looking Chinese lady taking something out of her bra or making it look like it. With her husband beside. 11. Flying kiss. 12. With the head showing �it� must be smashed. 13. Rising of arms in precision timing at times 4 persons. 14. Precision timing of their faces to the left or right. 15. Gorham both arms punching the air. Showing they ready and their loyalty. 16. Straight victory hand sign. 17. Parents lifting their children. 18. Showing signs of photos and film to take of the 'freaks'. 19. Pointing a finger straight at me from Elders to youngest as in you are there. 20. Hand sign showing that they are taking �it� on. 21. Twins or look alike raising heads, saluting and turning their faces. Done with precision timing. 22. In bikes doing sexy poses. 23. Touching their hearts. 24. Police Officers doing the hand sign in patrol cars. 25. Army Officers saluting, as they will in real situation to the State flag. 26. Motor bikers lifting helmet covers while riding. 27. The 'good' hand sign. 28. Cut the neck hand sign. 29. From two (could be many others) Foreign Diplomatic Service (CD no. plate). 30. Land Transport Authority. 31. Civil Defense. 32. Hang hand sign. 33. Americans turning the heads. US Navy car no. plate. 34. Foreign flight crew. 35. Tourists. 36. Expats. 37. Famous footballer lets go straight ahead. 38. Malaysian bikers.
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